Who We Are!

Michelle and Jason

Although our journey began some years back as mere teenagers we took a lifetime apart and we reunited almost 2 years ago now, and since then Michelle has joined me in the almost decade long research project into exactly what was wrong with me. Join us as we continue to research this disease and all the avenues we can use to not use modern medications in our quest to better understand this thing they call C.T.E. Thank you for joining us and our 4 legged support team.

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Wags is the first helper we got he is part Rhodesian Ridgeback and Treeing Walker making him big and tumble enough to help me.


Mags is our second helper she to is part Walker as well as part Beagle what she lacks in size she makes up for in toughness, making her a great addition to the team.

Easy Living

We live a docile life with amazing beauty around us helping making each day a little nicer to deal with.

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