The Way We Medicate

How we medicate.

Growing our own is quickly becoming the ideal and legal way to do things. Since my departure from modern medicine I have put a lot of research into the natural which you will see going forward. This is the picture of one of our first grows we are pretty excited about this one.

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What we choose to use and some of the why.


We unlike most use this for high THC contents as opposed to most that look for the CBD value. On average we study strains 2 months or more prior to using them.


Although trials have not begun they are not far off either on the amazing benefits these provide for anxiety and depression. The case studies point to helping which we are in need of since depression is the biggest thing next to memory loss we deal with.


This is also included in our “diet” section also since it truly performs 2 functions for us both in nutrients as well as the medicinal value we will be posting on as we go along on this site.

What we know and how..

Movies and reading material.

Through reports and films we have gained a great deal of insight into the monster that we indeed are fighting.

No Disagnosis No Cure.

At best we are putting a band aid on the issue since we have no book to go by no real start nor end point. Instead making it up as we go and thus far doing not bad.

Time Is not our friend!

It seems daily we notice little things that aren’t their anymore spelling, speaking, math etc.. the list is seemingly becoming endless. We know we are fighting the clock however as always fight I will do.

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