Our Lifestyle Choices

Our Lifestyle Made Simple!

Most people refer to this as a “Diet” this is not the case as you will see going forward. We encompass more then a meal plan as you will see from Tea and Raw Honey to Chaga and Homemade meals we will share it all as we go.

Some Of What We Do....

Since I refuse modern medicines approach on how to treat me here is some of what we use.

Chaga and other Mushrooms


Homemade Food of All Kinds

The Research

We stay up to date on all the good things coming from those doing the research and then using other means instead of the “Big Pharma” solution. Whether we are right or wrong this is now about quality of life and we think ours is working for us.

With so little known about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy we believe any information is a step forward is helping with this disease.

"I Feel Like Dr.Death”

Dr. Anne Mckee

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