The Covid 19 Lies

Well today’s the last I can handle on the Covid 19 lies and bullshit, i know you flakey shit heels are scrambling and so scared of getting the flu but calm the fuck down this has been an absolute abomination from day 1 mainly from our American neighbors who’s news sources are the most fullContinue reading “The Covid 19 Lies”


Responsible and Medicinal Two Over Used Words

Responsible and Medicinal Two Over Used Words. Responsible and Medicinal are two of the most over used words when it comes to marijuana these days if you tuned into my live or seen our newest YouTube rant about the newest and worst dispensary we have come across as they endorse and openly sponsor a showContinue reading “Responsible and Medicinal Two Over Used Words”

It Just Isn’t My Day.

There are days such as this where I wake up full of energy and ready to go and then in the blink of an eye things take a drastic turn towards the I truly don’t give a fuck aisle and this is truly mainly stemming from this sleep thing that we seen last year andContinue reading “It Just Isn’t My Day.”

To Have A Dog Is Both A Blessing And A Curse.

There is just no shortage of fun and aggravation having pets from pissing and shitting on the floor, to barking needlessly at night or at the wind anytime of day but truly there is no better friend to have at the end of the day is there? The Male we have has been the mostContinue reading “To Have A Dog Is Both A Blessing And A Curse.”

What Is This Speaking Thing All About Anyway?

Well this one came out of no where so it seems as neither us nor the Neuroscience folks recall who started following whom, the only thing we know is I got calls last summer from someone I literally thought was insane. Then the craziest shit began I got new and more emails from this communityContinue reading “What Is This Speaking Thing All About Anyway?”

The Customer Service Illusion.

Well today’s post should clarify a lot of things this week and just how customer service is fucking dead, let’s start of with out internet experience shall we or the lack there of since we can’t even watch a fucking movie now that everyone around us qualifies for upgraded internet, why don’t we you ask?Continue reading “The Customer Service Illusion.”

Canada Post Slower and Less Reliable Then The Stage Coaches Of The 1800’s!

Those following have heard and seen my rage towards this national fucking joke we call a postal service, the fact they steal, lie, and generally don’t do their fucking jobs which start between $20.20 to $45.00 and hour which I might add is more then THEY ARE ALL WORTH if your an employee following fuckContinue reading “Canada Post Slower and Less Reliable Then The Stage Coaches Of The 1800’s!”

Well What’s Been Up.

Well this could be short or it maybe long in either event it will be vicious and pointed as I have had enough of bullying from anyone. So the story for most goes we had a site under a different host for different reasons, we didn’t post the kinds of things we do now itContinue reading “Well What’s Been Up.”

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