Our Low Dose Butter Theory.

Our Low Dose Butter Theory. We most certainly have our theory on low dosing most things butter included, this may seem odd to most in the face of this bullshit debate on how many milligrams per edible most say the more the merrier we say educate yourself and use less it equals more and here’sContinue reading “Our Low Dose Butter Theory.”


The Answer We Thought Was there.

I have to admit today feels surreal for a few reasons for sure, but the one I am talking about it the help we are still seeing from 1 micro dose as again today my mood is good and more positive even though I am still tired from the migraine of yesterday it’s my allContinue reading “The Answer We Thought Was there.”

It Was Only A Couple Of Years Ago.

It was just soon to be 2 years ago that Michelle and I remet, for those that don’t know we had dated as younger people and then went off and lived some lives separately and then with the power of the internet we got reintroduced and no matter how I try it truly doesn’t seemContinue reading “It Was Only A Couple Of Years Ago.”

Here We Go With Night 2.

Our C.T.E. Life Well tonight marks the second we try this routine flip and for all intents and purposes things aren’t going to awful bad, yes there were some grumpy points today but nothing compared to the thoughts that I had since we have seen routine change be relatively difficult and I become the spawnContinue reading “Here We Go With Night 2.”

The Week It Was.

The Week It Was.   Well this week saw a lot of changes and ones I have been talking about for sometime now and I am done talking it seems. The whole Facebook thing really was more about nostalgia holding onto nothing really as our growth is attained by be honest and truthful something mostContinue reading “The Week It Was.”

The Clinician Series Continues!

Mycrene The Terpene   This is one of the most significant of terpenes to me as it stands alone in high doses in Mangos which explains the all time question of does eating mango and smoking pot help the buzz? This is twofold since if this isn’t a Terpene that works well with you itContinue reading “The Clinician Series Continues!”

Forever Changing Things.

Forever Changing Things.   The last little bit has seen me get bored doing what I am and this has made doing anything tougher then tough, my lives aren’t what I want the community that I would like to see simply isn’t coming together the same as I have seen so many others and wellContinue reading “Forever Changing Things.”

Prescription Meds What Can I Really Say?

In holding with how I wanted to present both sides of this debate in my way and the modern medicine way of dealing with things and yesterday was to be that post, however what can I really say about something that didn’t work for me on a continuous basis some years ago. There truly isn’tContinue reading “Prescription Meds What Can I Really Say?”

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