This Is It.

This Is It.   Well this is it for me I have come to the understanding I am fucking loser and it is now time to walk away from it all, I said in my last blog if I couldn’t get people talking and just get bullshit social media likes then I was done andContinue reading “This Is It.”


My Mind Is More Confused By The Day.

My Mind Is More Confused By The Day.     Well here we all sit as seemingly intelligent souls all trying to make our way in this new and most certainly fucked up life, when my mind is more confused by the day, and in a time where as adults we are getting told whatContinue reading “My Mind Is More Confused By The Day.”

How I Am Spending My Time.

How I Am Spending My Time. How I am spending my time now is a bit different then it was and this couldn’t be better than it was even last week as I struggled with the routine change including the lack of sugar and things other than facebook to preoccupy myself with, I was inContinue reading “How I Am Spending My Time.”

Our First Podcast Back!!

Our First Podcast Back!!   Well this weekend seen us in our first podcast back, and yes I had one alone but this weekend seen Michelle sit in for the first time in over a year! This truly was the best live we have had in along time so many new folks mixed with someContinue reading “Our First Podcast Back!!”

It Is Finally Done!!

It Is Finally Done!!      It is finally done even though it has taken way fucking longer then expected it is done, and it feels pretty good to have this sense of accomplishment as it has been along time since I have really felt this and what this is exactly is, Michelle and IContinue reading “It Is Finally Done!!”

There Is Worse Then Island Pharms??

There Is Worse Then Island Pharms??      There is worse than Island Pharms Craft Cabbage if you can believe it West Coast Cannabis this place is as fuck show to put it mildly, head to their site read the bullshit, side note Island Pharms has shut their viewing down guess they think they’re product isContinue reading “There Is Worse Then Island Pharms??”

What A Week That Was!!

What A Week That Was!!      What a week it was, this week left a lot to be desired in someways and was a success in others, so let’s focus on the week as a whole since there were so many things that honestly should’ve caused me to snap at varying intervals of theContinue reading “What A Week That Was!!”

The Headaches!!

The Headaches!!   Well much to our dismay the headaches are back and with a solid vengeance at that as one kicked the living shit out of me for the better part of 2 days and it all started on the right side or to me the right temporal area and smashed like a gongContinue reading “The Headaches!!”

Waking Up A Grump!

Waking Up A Grump!     Waking up a grump truly isn’t how I had planned on today starting however my brain as always had different plans, and we maybe seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on this most recent sleep fuck up. We have noticed an increase in agitation, fatigue, andContinue reading “Waking Up A Grump!”

The Routine Change Starts Today!

The Routine Change Starts Today!     The routine change starts today is a statement most can make and do exactly as they set out to do and at least be ok with it, this isn’t nor has it been this way for me in sometime and today has almost made paralyzed me as IContinue reading “The Routine Change Starts Today!”

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