The Concussion Legacy Foundation, Joke or Reality?

The Concussion Legacy Foundation, Joke or Reality?   The Concussion Legacy Foundation is it really the joke I am about to present or do they in fact do something other then shoot there fucking mouths off for the rich and famous? I have been rather dismayed with them to day the least in there willingnessContinue reading “The Concussion Legacy Foundation, Joke or Reality?”


It’s Finally Winding Down.

It’s Finally Winding Down.   Well it appears this Covid shit is finally starting to dwindle in popularity and everyone is beginning to return to where they belong and now I may get some peace and quiet, and be able to return to social media in some way or another without getting angry and aggressiveContinue reading “It’s Finally Winding Down.”

The New Way.

The New Way.   The new way things will be done is drastically different from how we had wanted them, however this is ok we are used to rolling with things that’s for sure. What will be the first thing to change you ask well Facebook lives for 1 finished seems we can’t even getContinue reading “The New Way.”

The Great 2020 Lockdown.

The Great 2020 Lockdown.   Well the lockdown got you all fucked up? Bored? Climbing the walls? Well to fucking bad I would say since for whatever reason I have been forced to do this for a lot fucking longer then a couple months and not a choice I wanted to make either but hereContinue reading “The Great 2020 Lockdown.”

The Road Trip Of 2021?

The Road Trip Of 2021?   Well as some know Michelle has been given notice her plant intends to close at the end of this year and given our current situation we have tossed the idea of a cross country tour around and after our talk last night we have a considerable amount of planningContinue reading “The Road Trip Of 2021?”

The Order It Must Happen.

The Order It Must Happen.   The order it must happen is a huge pain in my ass, for those with OCD you get me here, from brushing my teeth to wiping my ass it must happen in a certain way or else confusion grips my brain and weird shit happens then. The type ofContinue reading “The Order It Must Happen.”

Alone In A Crowd.

Alone In A Crowd.   I used to take offence to nobody being interested in C.T.E. until I realized that even places like the Boston U and people like Anne McKee can’t get the proper recognition for the work they do in the most misunderstood diseases out there, so truly how could I get anyoneContinue reading “Alone In A Crowd.”

Flip Out Of The Year.

Flip Out Of The Year.   Yesterday proved almost to much to deal with, it seemed nothing wanted to work in our e world and I melted down worst for awhile. My choice to walk back from social media during this time is the smartest thing I could’ve done although most don’t get, most don’tContinue reading “Flip Out Of The Year.”

The Great “Pandemic” Of 2020

The Great “Pandemic” Of 2020   Well the great Pandemic of 2020 to me is some straight up bullshit, first off for those that don’t know I have been self isolating for a lot longer and all you pussies crying because you have to stay home STOP!!! STOP with the hate, politics, being a doctor,Continue reading “The Great “Pandemic” Of 2020″

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