We Are Seeing More Energy

We Are Seeing More Energy.


Well as we slowly get to springier type weather I am getting more and more energy to get things done and improve our reach everywhere including onto Instagram as momentum builds and u get more energetic, this is the hope anyway. Last year I wasn’t this way as we look back on last year in some ways being better then the year before, this is encouraging in some ways since w knowing the hole I came out of with the amount of work put in.
This isn’t to say I won’t have slower days ahead as we know i am on borrowed time and can truly only do this so long and in the last while we seen my interest fall off as I truly would rather be doing anything else other then this even current moment, I truly find myself wanting to close in and exit the world all together a spot I have been in the last 2 years. The difference this year is an attention thing I find I am getting caught watching hours of video and not realizing what I am watching nor for how long and somedays it keeps me from socializing with the excuse, oh I was busy watching a show or researching which more often then not these days is bullshit since I just scan videos until one catches my attention and then it leads to a bunch more after that and in these moods its.jevwr about learning since this isn’t possible as I can’t retain information just blindly watch and generally not knowing soon after what it was I had even seen, this I have no control over and it’s not a planned endeavor either. I wake up and feel fine and really don’t notice it until like hour 4 almost coming out of some trance for truly a lack of a better word and it usually takes awhile for me to really come out and keep in mind I have to be standing while I do this what the significance is I don’t know, it’s almost as though I am on auto pilot and my brain needs to be stimulated and it does so on it’s own.
There are a lot of unknowns with C.T.E. and we see new and different things each day for the most part and have to learn to roll with them as well as we can and fix and adjust also where we are able in order to make both of our days much better. The reason the push is on now to add more to my routine is the hope it will keep me more active next winter see working a season of 4 ahead, as we did this year watching the memories of the last 2 years and adjusting.
Last year seen the end of smoking and excessive coffee, also seen the constant addition of Chaga and Fresher Raw Honey, we also understand now more then ever the importance of feeding my brain extra protein since I get energy and can stay focused better as the day goes on, we seen the end of 1 to 4 hour naps since I had had enough and wanted to function more as an adult again as opposed to a child needing a nap, most importantly last year seen us shed the drama and bullshit of the past, the lies and bullshit from old friends and family got shed taking all the stress and drama with it. This past year has seen us making more gains the losses however I would be a liar if I didn’t say there are certain things that are bothering me my memory as I touch on a lot as well as this new twitch in my hand most of me thinks it’s due to inactivity and being broken more times then I can remember so this is the next phase I am hoping to start Monday and do daily and that is exercise finally I think I have had enough aches and pains which I didn’t hurt this much when I trained and fought but that being said it’s time, as I need to increase saratonin as well as endorphins in my brain will this keep my memory probably not will it calm the shakes most likely, see we don’t win all the way around but the small wins are the best anyway and what better way to work into the summer and hiking then getting into better shape then a jelly fish which is what I feel like currently. So join us as we again begin to move forward building on the education and knowledge we have in regards to suspected C.T.E. and if anyone says they have been diagnosed they lie we are all suspected until we are dead at this point kind of a harsh way to end but its life, thank you all for following along and we hope everyone is stocked up on supplies for this new round of lock downs due to another man made disease. Have a great day and if your bored tune in @2pm Eastern only on Facebook.

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