They Say 1 Act Of Kindness Goes Along Way.

They Say 1Act Of Kindness Goes Along Way.

Well I may or may not believe in this Covid shit however the fact remains it is affecting billions and of those there are some that just barely make it everyday we have been there people and at times are, we are just your average folks who after helping one other time decided to never do it again but there are exceptions to every rule and this situation is one of them. What exactly I mean is we don’t eat a lot of prepackaged foods but decided under the circumstances maybe we should pick up some extra canned goods and dried products that normally we wouldn’t however yesterday we learned where we get our fresh foods from has no intentions of closing but we don’t know how long this will go and with the food banks being decimated the way they are going to be once things begin to return to normal we have decided to donate all of the things we picked up extra which truly isn’t a lot but it’s more then most with a lot more will do.
I do find as I write this ironically comical as we never thought we would help again but after hearing the stories of people hoarding and really letting greed take over, and let’s face it most of these greedy cunts are the richer ones who can do it without a fuck to give about the single parent just making it or the people working 2 and 3 jobs barely getting by, the haves can always get more and part of me truly is wishing the world as we know it would end and we could rise and show these fat cat fucks just who owns what one can dream can’t I? This all being said if everyone like us could give just a little after things half ass return to normal things will get better faster without the fucking government and their unreliable help which let’s face it they’re writing more fucking checks on the backs of the tax payer that with the dwindling workforce will be another of those pay backs like Hydro here in Ontario where I don’t think 6 generations from now we will have paid off the over spending of a horrible government again not the point truly just a mitigating factor as to why now more then ever us average joes need to stick together and put our egos aside and I know for me it’s the children having something in the morning even though mom or dad was locked out of work with no pay and has enough to worry about with late rent already.
This for me is an eye opener as I swore to never again do right as the fuck job simply wasn’t worth it, however since the dust has settled I have noticed helio g folks we have never met is appreciated more then from those we use to know and again for me it’s the kids that will go hungry, so if you have a little extra after this open back up or if you know someone in need now don’t wait help as you can and depending when it ends it maybe a joint venture where we take it together to a foodbank since we don’t or aren’t aware of anyone personally of local to us since we have no friends otherwise that’s where it would go. So if you like us have a little extra food after don’t hesitate to help and also don’t be like the fat cat fucks who will hoard their shit til its rotten and hoard more just because they can let’s not be a cunt like these fucks shall we and show a little more compassion, fuck never thought I would say that again but there you go. Moral of the story don’t be rich greedy cunt share a little brighten someone’s days and thank you all for following along and see you @2pm Eastern.

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