Responsible and Medicinal Two Over Used Words

Responsible and Medicinal Two Over Used Words.

Responsible and Medicinal are two of the most over used words when it comes to marijuana these days if you tuned into my live or seen our newest YouTube rant about the newest and worst dispensary we have come across as they endorse and openly sponsor a show that has zero to do with medicinal and crosses a huge line on the responsible since it is well known that minor children are allowed now of course at their parents discretion to watch and participate, in this day and age of fighting for legalization and some getting it and some not so much. Some don’t get why this makes me so mad and why I question so many about morals and judgement seems odd since I am no moral judge of character but what I am is someone who knows and understands the true medicinal value in responsible use and this does not allow a live that truly is vulgar more then anything but is pot based, how does this show anyone responsible use exists? The truth is it doesn’t it shows exactly why I say NO to legalization of Psychedelics, as I read a post in a group with parents openly bragging about giving their children edibles to calm them down and justifying why it’s better then big pharma, fact is it’s not and this again is considered cool, hip, righteous, depending your decade. My opinion is any parent that does or condones this is on them but to share on a public live on Facebook bragging about what their children see are wrong simple both these parties are neither Responsible nor Educational on Responsible Medicinal use, but for an actual Canadian Craft Grower to support this takes it to a whole new level of fucking irresponsibility which again for you big mouth fucks would be none of my business had it not be plastered all over the fucking place but since it was it’s a community problem. My personal views are simple as a parent do as you please just don’t advertise for people like me to pick you a part and tell you just how fucking silly you all are but in my aggressive your a fucking loser of losers tone! Legalization is something we have waited for along time for and never did I think I would see what I do so badly hut here we are and all brought out by legalization with all the fucktards popping to the surface to remind everyone they were right about just how irresponsible, stupid, lazy and any other stereotype we have fought to get rid of first decades, us consumers are far from stupid and those who participate in these shows and with companies like Island Pharm Craft Cabbage and shows like Frosts Cannabis Corner please don’t follow us as your not our people same as those who follow Smoke Nation and Joe Hernandez your not ours either he smokes a lot in a house with his kids seems fucked up all of you talk respect and yet watch these ass fucks and either see their kids or allow your own to watch and participate thank you for being the cunts holding everything back and lumping us in with you to the point who would want to listen as aren’t all potheads the same as the above mentioned fucking weirdos well fuck no we aren’t, I believe in all of the above responsible medicinal use and sharing what we know but if you have minor children our shows not for them if you deem it to be and I find out blocked immediately, so moral of the story do your shit quietly and if you truly stand for what we do you get what I am saying, and if your a supporter of the fools above your little vagina is all stretched and your mad cuz I am dissing your folks well fuck you maggot your the problem with everything stereotypically wrong with weed association now kiss my ass and grow the fuck up, let everyone know what will and won’t be tolerated I guess I just did. Have a great day all and live @2pm Eastern.

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