Is It That Time Already?

Is It That Time Already?   Well it is very hard to believe that it has been 2 years since Michelle and I have been together or back together for those who don’t know you will very shortly, as I walk back down memory lane some. The original story goes mainly 2 young kids IContinue reading “Is It That Time Already?”


The First Dispensary We Had.

The First Dispensary We Had.   Well as stated better late then never and here is the original dispensary we started with, where in the beginning you could get 2 great ounces of weed well under the current price and where every purchase came with a free gram, this was like heaven and delivered inContinue reading “The First Dispensary We Had.”

The Time For Talk Is Done…Grow Time Is Upon Us.

The Time For Talk Is Done…Grow Time Is Upon Us.     Well seems like forever since we began our research into growing our own supply and pain stakingly tried strains that worked and didn’t work all the while hoping to hit the one strain to do it all and this to me is nowContinue reading “The Time For Talk Is Done…Grow Time Is Upon Us.”

The Answer We Thought Was there.

I have to admit today feels surreal for a few reasons for sure, but the one I am talking about it the help we are still seeing from 1 micro dose as again today my mood is good and more positive even though I am still tired from the migraine of yesterday it’s my allContinue reading “The Answer We Thought Was there.”

I’m A Chemist Not An Addict.

So many have said over the years between marijuana and psychedelics I was the biggest druggy loser to walk the face of the earth and today although still early I can have a moral victory I am here at all, and it’s due to these supposed drugs you uneducated assholes talk so much about. TheContinue reading “I’m A Chemist Not An Addict.”

When The Anger Becomes Just To Much.

Well this past week has seen me become the most angry and agitated that I have been in about a year, the build is on to an explosion this is no joke. There is simply no reason to this angry as it takes me back to when I was younger and acting a fool andContinue reading “When The Anger Becomes Just To Much.”

It Was Only A Couple Of Years Ago.

It was just soon to be 2 years ago that Michelle and I remet, for those that don’t know we had dated as younger people and then went off and lived some lives separately and then with the power of the internet we got reintroduced and no matter how I try it truly doesn’t seemContinue reading “It Was Only A Couple Of Years Ago.”

Overwhelmed And Mad As Fuck.

There seems to be a tipping point I found out this week as the excitement of growing and getting supplies finally came to making phone calls with some disappointment but all in all things went well, but my demeanor yesterday would’ve indicated otherwise. I am not sure if I am the only one that noticesContinue reading “Overwhelmed And Mad As Fuck.”

You Can’t Be Serious!!

Well for those that think I am just a crybaby yesterday we ordered in excess of 1000 dollars of merchandise on line and out of every fucking thing we order, the GOD DAM WEED DIDN’T MOVE!! In 24 hours you see a new place hoping they’d make sure it left since we ordered it firstContinue reading “You Can’t Be Serious!!”

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