Remember That Day You Said.!!

Well it’s been an odd sort of week taking a step or 5 back from society more on that later, first this weekend we had company it was nice really was a great visit until I said something. This isn’t again a someone else thing it showed me just where we were in all ofContinue reading “Remember That Day You Said.!!”


This Mood Though.

This Mood Though.   We are seeing a cycle if emotions beginning to appear and for some this maybe a good thing for us it’s all bad, and just keeps getting worse as the years pass. Where I am now is reflective of last year isolated, angry, confused, and although there are differences we seemContinue reading “This Mood Though.”

Let’s Talk Anger Shall We.

Let’s Talk Anger Shall We.   The last few days have seen some amazing comments and dialogue coming from very unexpected directions and I couldn’t be happier truly, it seems the more we leave the nostalgia of the past and welcome new friends into the fold ones who are suffering the same way we seemContinue reading “Let’s Talk Anger Shall We.”

I Think Clarity Is Needed.

Yesterday I posted a decently powerful post that really only brought a comment of 2 and truly this is it, therefore this is the beginning of just why the personal touch is no longer required people simply don’t fucking care. The next example is a harsh reality Michelle was writing weekly giving insights like nobodyContinue reading “I Think Clarity Is Needed.”

The Place We Knew We Were Going.

The Place We Knew We Were Going.   The day we knew was coming has just landed and to us it truly is sad as we are having a tough time and it seems as though we just really have us our little 3 person real life team yes there is a lot more inContinue reading “The Place We Knew We Were Going.”

The T&T Combination And What Means.

The T&T Combination.. The T&T combination and what it means is this, Tinnitus and Tremors and this blog will be a walk through of the most amazingly annoying, pain in the ass noise you will ever hear and most get it when I say well remember the ringing in your ears after a loud concert,Continue reading “The T&T Combination And What Means.”

Bruce Banner Strain Review.

The Hulks Alter Ego!     This is the Strain Review of Bruce Banner and known as the alter ego of the Hulk, this 60% Sativa and 40% Indica making it a Sativa Heavy Hybrid(not just fucking hybrid) one we would not normally fuck with this one however came as one we shouldn’t pass upContinue reading “Bruce Banner Strain Review.”

Here Is The Cure They Say!

Our C.T.E. Life Well here we go again someone so quick to send links with these amazing claims of cures for C.T.E. how doing such and such reversed my C.T.E. was the last one I got, and yes it fucking made me mad why you ask? Well it’ll go a little something like this… WeContinue reading “Here Is The Cure They Say!”

The Headache Like No Other.

Our C.T.E. Life Well as you all know I have been switching my schedule to suit the sleep patterns I seem to have so much trouble with and I truly believed it was going to be easy as pie, however I hit a wall yesterday and it scares me to think that this will becomeContinue reading “The Headache Like No Other.”

The Aaron Hernandez Story.

The Aaron Hernandez Story.   Well this weekend saw us sit through the Aaron Hernandez story and well from my standpoint whoever wrote it needs to send me the paper since I wouldn’t truly wipe my ass with it as it seemed his sexuality was the key focus when this shouldn’t have been the caseContinue reading “The Aaron Hernandez Story.”

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