A Week Into The Study.

So here we are 7 days today into the microdosing study and the good and bad of it all so far, and truly I didn’t think there really would be much so say I am a skeptic no matter who’s idea it mine or someone else since there is so much bullshit being talked about how this and that help when in truth they do jack shit except cost a lot of hard earned money for little results and this does little except frustrate people and send them back to the doctor to reup on all of their meds or in other cases to hit the local health store and shop for over priced supplements needlessly raising sugar levels when whole food consistantly does the same as does finding the way the chemicals in your brain really work and how they feel really should be up to you not a doctor or fucking bullshit fad diet back to fucking basics people simple as that. That being said 7 days ago I began a .3 of a gram micro dose of Psychedelics everyday for 25 days then taking a 2 week break to evaluate the differences all the while showing results in here written as well as on lives in the Book, and we are seeing a huge energy boost this last few days and although I hit a huge wall last Thursday since then each day has seen more energy and rather then just making it through the afternoon I’m at least laughing and joking and a little more interactive then I was the week before. We focus a lot on mornings and the usual hours of sundowning again we are in 7 days seeing a marked improvement in my energy and mood in the morning which was rough more often then not, I believe staying in routine plays a part as well as everything else we have put together but this one here gives hope that I can become somewhat normal again and I say somewhat because as always memory is the drag as well as this new tremor in my left hand I am working to correct and may in fact already have it slowed up, this is what they refer to as a “Parkinsonism” since it’s a mimic as opposed to the actual disease again they say I am not sure at this point what I believe since inactivity has played a huge role this past year it could be a simple by product of the almighty lazitits bug, so this will come out sooner then later as this week again I push myself to see what we can now do since I can’t recall the last time I did have this much energy and felt this light and optomistic.

This week has seen my lives become full of life again and with so many folks joining from all over the world and all walks of life which again is great and this to could be part of this uplift as its exciting to watch things grow for the right reason it does feel really good, so with so many things going on I will again have to say it has to do with it all and each piece goes in very carefully to help complete the entire medicinal package since it isn’t just about weed as some would have you think, it must be a miracle no it’s only as effective as the person using it also no differently then the diet coke rage, cabbage soup, and many others it always takes more then one thing to help fix especially since our bodies are really fucked up from general everyday eating and in some cases drinking tap water that to add further chemicals makes little sense and although it has taken us much longer our results will last longer then the pills and will also help my brain to truly heal if this is at all possible we are unsure since everyone else is looking the other way time will tell how we make out and we are happy to share it with the world and maybe someone out there can take a little bit of what we do and apply it to there day, this again is the community we are trying to create where it doesn’t cost anything to learn and be apart of and I hope this blog is getting the point home that again we could be onto something only being a week in I want to wait until the end and see the full effect but I couldn’t be happier at this point with the way things are working focus, energy, appetite, creativity, all up and I am excited to see if I can be the one giggling about losing my mind since at this point I can’t stop it and its unknown if we are slowing it. I took this on not giving it as much hope as Michelle did and I still don’t have it but I do however have a better attitude and as I write this I realize just how inconsistent I have been with these over the past few weeks and before 7 today this blog will be done making it possible to again hit 2 which would make me happy since I am hoping today will be our first live on Instagram again trying to help our community grow to those that either don’t fit in or can’t find the answer they’re looking for, thank you all for following and sharing don’t forget 9am 7 days a week I am live on the book doing my thing. I am happy to say 7 days in and we again seem to be winning and this is what it’s all about the small victories have a great day and see some soon.


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