The Awkwardness Of Me!

Well yesterday was a big day we were having a visitor not something we see very often, I was both nervous and excited and I truly believe it comes out when folks are here and who knows maybe it’s all in my head and I am not as awkward as I think. I really doContinue reading “The Awkwardness Of Me!”


The Never Ending Fatigue.

I have really been slacking at the blogs as of late and truly been shitting the bed on more then just that at times, however I am still learning this fatigue circle and it seems to hit at the oddest of times and knocks me the fuck out as you see both in my lackContinue reading “The Never Ending Fatigue.”

What Sets Us Apart.

There aren’t to many times you can look back where I let my inner ego out but this will be one blog where I think it’s about time since we are different then most and the message they try and get out and this should cover those very important reasons. This entire social network thingContinue reading “What Sets Us Apart.”

The Power Of Music Once Again.

This thing we call music is seemingly making a come back in my daily routine and seems to also be a mood booster and energy lifter, which as of late has been instrumental in getting me up and going in the morning with a better mindset and one that wants to get shit done likeContinue reading “The Power Of Music Once Again.”

We Joke About Being Lazy.

Well we laugh and joke about being lazy on the weekends and we truly are there is no joke other then lives and blogs and if course eating we really don’t do a lot and this includes house work, yes seems crazy however I think I have at least half an idea as to whyContinue reading “We Joke About Being Lazy.”

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