Happy New Year All!

Just a short video and written to say Happy New Year to all our supporters who share and see our stuff on a daily basis and those that have been there since we began. We hope to bring a lot more information and differing opinions for next year and are still open to any andContinue reading “Happy New Year All!”


It’s To Early For This Shit.

So for all intents and purposes we are going to run out the question is for how long, and also what is it I am going to do sit and mope or get up and make the best of the worst situation we have faced in forever. Well let’s go no more sitting down worryingContinue reading “It’s To Early For This Shit.”

Most Don’t Get It.

So some truly don’t get my disdain for our delivery system so I will put it into perspective for those that maybe don’t understand, the story goes a little something like this tomorrow may see us run out for the first time in 2 years and not for anything we could have controlled see weContinue reading “Most Don’t Get It.”

And This Is How It Has To Be.

So here we go into another new year new way type shit as most will be spouting off about not me we are changing things to suit us better, by kicking out a blocking those fans that walked away from us we now force you here to help us pay for the site and thoseContinue reading “And This Is How It Has To Be.”

Talking To Much I Figure.

Well we have been slowly changing behind the scenes my daily routine seemingly the hardest as usual and for those that don’t know what I am trying to change well this is the point of these blogs. When we first got back into the whole facebook bullshit it was after sometime away where we hadContinue reading “Talking To Much I Figure.”

Mataro Blue Strain Review.

Mataro Blue Our Review—-Mataro Blue It was almost 2 years ago now when Michelle and I first got together that we had got a free gram of this one through our old dispensary and that day was a particularly bad one for me and I truly don’t recall all of the events I just knowContinue reading “Mataro Blue Strain Review.”

And It’s Christmas Day.

We were trying to talk about last Christmas and how things were but the troubles we had were I couldn’t remember not even with prompting although I know I had Christmas with the same 2 folks as I will be this year I truly couldn’t tell you one thing that happened unless I see aContinue reading “And It’s Christmas Day.”

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