Learning My Place Isn’t Easy.

I have been asking myself for a few years now where is it I actually fit in and for this answer I truly travelled from 1 side to the other in the country until finally almost 2 years ago I reconnected with the love of my life and hopefully spend whatever time I have leftContinue reading “Learning My Place Isn’t Easy.”


The Crazy Week It Was.

Well holy shit here is number 2 I mean fuck make hay while the sun’s shining since I haven’t been posting at all really on the site I will keep going with the energy of today since it maybe gone tomorrow as we seen yesterday with a bounce back better today is it coincidence maybeContinue reading “The Crazy Week It Was.”

The Need To Fight Is Real.

This was supposed to be yesterdays topic however better late then never and fighting is what I just finished doing with yet another of these ass hats that thinks they fucking know all about everything I admit I don’t hut when it comes to weed and this country go fuck yourself if because some assholeContinue reading “The Need To Fight Is Real.”

Seems There’s 1 More.

Well just when I thought I was done it seems this time of day is the best for me again this year as I recall fighting this fatigue bullshit for so long and it literally wore me the fuck out, making a short winter seem like a nightmare and its beginning again already and itsContinue reading “Seems There’s 1 More.”

The Week It Was And Will Be!

Well this was one of the most eventful weeks I have had in sometime from an interview with UBC as well as being talked to like I was a child to fatigue reminiscent of last winter which is intriguing and worrisome as well since we all know just how inactive I became last year, andContinue reading “The Week It Was And Will Be!”

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