The First One Ever!!

Well just when we didn’t think it possible we strike it rich so to speak and this has been a long time coming I might also add since we had tried so many and they just didn’t have what it took for one reason or the other and mainly one of two, either anxiety, orContinue reading “The First One Ever!!”


So You Think You Know Me??

So You Think You Know Me??   This is a question I ask myself all to often and in the last couple of days some others think they do as well and as I will show you this is simply impossible, we approach everyday as though its the first one since we never really knowContinue reading “So You Think You Know Me??”

Reconnection Time Is Now Done.

So as most that follow along know I was semi excited about yet another reconnection I was making yesterday, and to me it was a success really it was even though the odds of us ever speaking again aren’t in the favor happening again and now your curious how this was a success. See IContinue reading “Reconnection Time Is Now Done.”

Time Is The Teller Of All Isn’t It?

This is a statement that I have heard my entire life as most others have from our generation, the point is so many are nay sayer’s and not understander’s and don’t want to listeners, everyone has an opinion about how wrong I am about what is going on in my brain, in my head, withContinue reading “Time Is The Teller Of All Isn’t It?”

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