Only The Hate Of A Mother.

I know and fully understand this one has been almost played out and should have been long ago as I have long walked away, and at this point I find it disheartening to have such a mean. hateful. ignorant, back stabbing, well you get my point on how I am feeling about this anyway. SeeContinue reading “Only The Hate Of A Mother.”


Yesterday Wasn’t The Best Of Days!

So yesterday didn’t start out the best however what the fuck do you do when  first thing in the morning the sinks backed up, well you plunge the fucking thing and while I was doing this I smashed my fucking head on the corner of the cupboard and it was a good one and notContinue reading “Yesterday Wasn’t The Best Of Days!”

This Week Is A Big Week!

I guess this is the week that things change not only for the better but goes back to why we started this and right now I am strictly talking about the lives that I do in the group. When I first started them I was all about the education on weed and then I goContinue reading “This Week Is A Big Week!”

Change Is Always Good Isn’t It?

Those that are following have noticed a lot of change going on in the last little while both in the blogs and on the lives, and the majority of this is to find my niche I see everyone else finding their people and it seems as though I just don’t fit in the way IContinue reading “Change Is Always Good Isn’t It?”

Fuck You Today!!

Fuck You Today!!   This morning was one of those ones that just eat shit, I woke up feeling worthless and angry and all sorts of fucking nonsense that I shouldn’t be but the question is why now? Why after so much good work and so many steps forward? And so very few back IContinue reading “Fuck You Today!!”

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