The Week It Was.

Well there we go yet another outing done and something else conquered, this has been a long fucking time in the making since it is almost a year ago since we last went and sat in a restaurant and ate a meal and been without the dogs this is monumental from where we started to where we are. This past winter had me all shut down and withdrawn no lives, few blogs, generally isolated and it began about this time last year as we had so many changes on going and hit some really rough spots and in looking back I am not entirely sure how we made it this far but I believe now the sky is the limit and our next outing is planned and the dogs will be included in this one and it should be alot less peopley but as always more information after the outing.

The past week also seen me push the stakes of our group and us in becoming a part of 3 studies, 2 in the UK and 1 here in Canada and subsequently marijuana is Canada and psychedelics are the UK seems odd to me as well however I am following the studies and being apart of them in the hopes to bring attention to not only CTE but to other diseases as well as mental health disorders these natural drugs work this is what we are trying to establish on our own however I am happy to say that the Beckley Foundation in the UK is doing alot on this regard and I am happy to be apart of it all and oaving the way for others to make it easier then it is now with alot more education then we also currently have. I think is is why last week also saw me on a straight up assault on the fake medicinal and rip and read CTE pages and groups, it also seen me take the biggest Joe Dirt insult of my life by someone I thought was in the fight against CTE with education on the brain and well this isnt the case either. What it seems to me is everyone is on with the results from the dead folks not being a dick however what about us living people struggling daily to get through it do we not fucking matter or is it safer in the fake world of the one day Dr. Johnnywhitecoat figures it out? Well for all of you keeping score I’m not fucking waiting I am ahead of the curve in the newest area so for the people that walked out of our lives and those just staying in cuz you think you have to, its simple go fuck yourself and suck my dick cunts, I am angry at you all. This obviously doesn’t apply to those here for the right reasons and have stayed and supported while the chicken shits walked away fuckem, I am finding the community in which I belong and quickly as well as the relief I have been seeking for so long as well and yes this all started in the last week or so but manifested Saturday night with date night. Thank you all for following and dont forget the lives are now at 11am and in the page not the group build it they will come is the hope have a great day all.


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