Is It Because I’m A Retard?

Harsh title but must be the way it is I mean after all so many know so much more and garner an audience that I would love to have and yet they still complain it isnt enough, even though they offer regurge and or nonsense and silly shit. I realize all you white folks need someone to tell you some things wrong and fuck even lay out your medications as your to fucking lazy and privileged after all. I am not one of you types and you mother fuckers know who you are, since I wont fucking lemming up and head in to the pill pusher means I’m a fraud fake even. If only people would take the time to really look at what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time, if we had of been together sooner who the fuck knows what we could’ve accomplished by now but instead this is where we are still almost in the infancy of this bastard of a disease and the treatment we are using but we are leading the fucking way and not relying on dr pissflaps mac fuckface to dictate the rest of our life together. Which brings me to burr in my ass type of moment speaking of the future as its apparent the past isnt letting go and no this wont make sense to the vast majority who follow as its pointed to a cancerous fuck from the past that seems to be making a comeback for unknown reasons, to this I am simply going to say time isnt on our side and although you may think one thing I will assure you now is the time to walk away and not look back, there is a thresh hold I have setup and once you cross that my hand is then forced and things happen then, lifes to short to be a pain in the ass but Karma awaits!

I am now also thinking about adding weekend lives back, something I never thought I would indeed do since we do our thing usually and it seems crazy but as the group gets more active it does make me want to bring them back since lives are so much fun and weekends used to be the best questions and answers sharing talking so we will see I am not rushing in that is for sure, time will be the teller on this one. I do know things take time although I do get extremely flustered and ramble sometimes about them I just want the proper education and information to get out in order to change the stereotypes we are seeing and have heard of over the years, I dont believe I am retarded although sometimes it does feel that way for sure since I do feel isolated most of the time. Thank you for following along and have a great day and weekend.


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