The Weekend That It Was And The Week To Come!

Well this weekend seen me busier in here then usual but I had a lot to say and more happened last week then had for along time, I mean leaving the property was the biggest thing we have done in along time and there is no time to blink since this week proves a bigger test and longer time in the public with more chance of running into fools and assholes which does worry me some but also doesn’t really, just like high dose testing throw myself in the deep end and it either works or it doesn’t and I will approach this no differently. This weekend showed me I wont always win with this mentality as I got my ass kicked in an experiment, but lets face it nothing is fool proof and thankfully now 2 days out and I am back to a more normal time with mood and energy which is good and shows me to stick small and reap the maximum value of whatever it is we are using at the time, this doesn’t always work though as I have been struggling with a couple of strains he had previously used and honestly the one Critical Mass didn’t work well for us the last time but I needed to try it from a new supplier to truly make up my mind and I truly think I would either give this seed away or throw it out if someone gave it me as it for me is to useless to grow as it would be a waste of light and hydro. The other one is Master Kush this one is a sleeper and a calmer for me no buzz to speak of therefore I need to use more of this one as well but this one worked from a previous supplier very nicely, this time though not so much but unlike Critical this one we will try and grow and see the benefits from oil more so then a smoke as the calming in it could also be of benefit to licking anxiety and allowing us to go out as I would be eating the oil not smoking making it much easier to hide and consume in public so I can keep anxiety at bay longer and in weirder spots. This weekend also seen us make some butter with some  old shitty ass kief we had been keeping as a just in case and well I got adventurous and wanted some edibles in the wake of them being legal and I think we did a dam good job and made some banana bread so far with it and ate the whole loaf this weekend, there are a lot of reasons for wanting to incorporate edibles and butter into what we do and most of it is to help the gut brain relationship, since the oils will help through the digestive system eating edibles can help with some symptoms of IBS, Crones, and other bowel issues and since I can have things back up quickly its nice to test something so easy at that and I am no stranger to making edibles I made a shitty version many years ago that thankfully I have brought almost to perfection and someone once told me there was no difference in butter and finely ground powder in your baked good and I cant attest there sure as fuck is we will make butter from now on. We had some old shit in the freezer from a while ago so it didn’t cost us a thing to try which is even better so always keep your little bits and kief it can go along way that is for sure.

This week again we are heading out into the big bad world for a date night and I think this is the first one in a long time and for as scary as it sort of feels I am excited since the next outing requires no humans so this is the best motivation I can find since hiking trails in the woods is something that I have always loved well once I began anyway so peaceful and now to get the dogs out and moving like that as well this could be a great thing really and the beginning of some great fall hiking which I have missed a lot I really have. I can’t tell the plans of the date night it will be a surprise and we will show the pics once we are home and likely the next day I would think but who knows since we also have some plans the next day so it seems one builds on the other as time goes by if I stay committed to change the way I have been and I can sit and talk shit on here all I want but the proof is in the new steps I am doing a day I was at 350 max a day now I am closer to 6000 building for our outings a little at time. I don’t always talk on such things as they are insignificant until I get out like last week, see exciting yet scary and this week I again begin to walk the dog and eventually dogs since today seems to be a little better start then last week so fingers crossed we can make it 9000 steps before date night but time and dedication will be needed I think and over coming this fear in the bottom of my stomach which I am sure once we get going I will. This week is full of more optimism then I have had in along time that we will once again begin to live our lives and make some other memories then sitting in the house doing jack shit, thank you all for following along with our crazy lives and have a great day see you soon live.


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