I Still Can’t Believe It.

I Still Can’t Believe It.   Well I haven’t been as active this week as I haven’t been feeling the greatest and been more tired then I have been in a long time and getting used to this new way of things has me some what baffled I won’t lie. I thought last week wasContinue reading “I Still Can’t Believe It.”


The Week It Was.

Well there we go yet another outing done and something else conquered, this has been a long fucking time in the making since it is almost a year ago since we last went and sat in a restaurant and ate a meal and been without the dogs this is monumental from where we started toContinue reading “The Week It Was.”

Is It Because I’m A Retard?

Harsh title but must be the way it is I mean after all so many know so much more and garner an audience that I would love to have and yet they still complain it isnt enough, even though they offer regurge and or nonsense and silly shit. I realize all you white folks needContinue reading “Is It Because I’m A Retard?”

Pain Is Slowly Disappearing.

Some may get this others not so much, but for the last year or so I have been noticing a growing pain tolerance and for those that knew me well were none to surprised I fought with so many broken things a lot so now I am being put in a place where the skyContinue reading “Pain Is Slowly Disappearing.”

The Weekend That It Was And The Week To Come!

Well this weekend seen me busier in here then usual but I had a lot to say and more happened last week then had for along time, I mean leaving the property was the biggest thing we have done in along time and there is no time to blink since this week proves a biggerContinue reading “The Weekend That It Was And The Week To Come!”

Sometimes It Just Hurts!

Those that follow along know how much time we invest in the things we do so when I wake up like I did yesterday filled with more questions then answers and feeling as though we have back slid 1000 feet which isn’t a feeling that sits well with me at all, and although sitting hereContinue reading “Sometimes It Just Hurts!”

Just More Proof High Dosing Doesn’t Always Work!

This stance of mine is nothing new and comes from a lot of trial an error this is the toughest part of doing things the way I have chosen to and it really does eat up a lot of time and life that I don’t truly have but my time is better served not eatingContinue reading “Just More Proof High Dosing Doesn’t Always Work!”

Just Like That Things Change.

Those following along as of late have seen the fight I have been having to get out of the house and we have finally got to a point I went out last month and now again this one, having been out of the house now more in 2 months then the previous 11 this isContinue reading “Just Like That Things Change.”

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