Dosing And Knowing Your Strains..

This morning I was happily saying how we will begin to weigh my doses if you will thus giving us a better understanding of how which strains effect me and just how much do we need to quell some of my issues keeping in mind we are starting with flower and eventually adding other things oils and of course edibles as we go. Last year as some recall we were introduced to the Marijuana DNA kit and although crazy expensive I am certain more has been spent in experimenting over time for me as by then we knew for the most part what worked and what to stay away from however we have taken the last year and some good opportunity to study and try new to us old school medicinal strains making our knowledge base bigger then the test would give us I am sure but for someone new it is worth the investment as it will save sometime on your behalf. This test also tells you how much of the strain and in what dose bong, pipe, vape, or joint my advice is use the apparatus you use most often as it really will be the easiest guide in the beginning so for us its the bong for the most part although we do like the odd joint to really see what a strain is all about since joints usually don’t do a lot unless its a good strain.

Since we are going to have 2 new strains to begin with tomorrow I am going to begin my day differently each morning weighing my first hit of the day and mark the results since we need and want Sativa’s in our world we have to know how to handle them well at least I do since it sets my brain in forward motion and causes issues if I am not careful now in saying that we got Jack Herer a strain I have hear a lot about and am excited to try and not make one that doesn’t ever work for me again and for me the trick will be recording things until it is routine which is tough as I am noticing each new routine seems to require me to lose some of m old routine which sucks as I need it all to work together so we need to make sure I am covering my bases, since I would like this to have merit if things do change again another scary what if but my hopes are no where near up at this point I am on the wait and see list for this.

This new approach with the other lifestyle things we are doing should have been done already somewhere but there isn’t anything I can find out there that links everything we are doing now and what we plan to begin in the coming weeks and months as we trudge forward in the healing of the brain with the things of the earth and all things point to us winning in some areas although it wouldn’t appear as such today since I have been back to bed and could go again, I think I only got up because I was hungry. Sleeping the night last night had as some seen this morning effects on me and they were much worse when I first got out of bed the fog and muddy walk feeling haven’t gone anywhere to this point I am hoping to return to my regular up 2 or 3 times a night again just to have a jump start on the day it feels like at this point I would have to say the weather and blah atmosphere likely have a huge part to play in the way things are going today since there is such an emotional toll going on as well seems a little up and down this as well so is it a fluke or the way things are at this stage and we must be up at night for reasons only our brains understand? My guess there’s some reason for it in the brain that hasn’t been discovered and this disease meaning the dementia portion of things makes people wander and this is generally the time families start upping meds and sending folks to homes because they deteriorate so quickly, now is that the disease or the meds?

This is the classic Chicken and The Egg since no one has either taken the time, had the balls, or reported the things we are trying and in some ways succeeding keep in mind todo what we are and also keep in mind I have nothing to lose since I have seen what the medical community has to offer I really do like my odds and since I have actually broken away from these “Medical Marijuana” groups it seems I am a lot more intelligent as well since most don’t know shit about it other then they get high but started expanding into other areas and doing things on my own life is a lot less dramatic allowing me to focus on how I am that day or minute of the day. As I back read this I see I am all over the place and well that’s ok today since I had a full nights sleep we are seeing what comes of it no matter what strain I have at this point these days are much better spent in bed all the time because I don’t offer a lot of sanity on these days even in trying to tell 1 story I need to bring 5 or 6 in and this is after a big bong rip to settle me down after a 2 hour nap, seems I should be a lot better off then I am wouldn’t you think?

Have a great day all and thank you all for following along and sharing if you have a topic in mind let me know.



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