Who Am I?

Waking Up Brings Someone New.



Most people have their days ruined by getting up late or on the wrong side of the bed what about if you woke and didn’t know who, or where you were not to mention how you got there, this last portion used to be a whole lot worse but still spook me once in a while. The fact is each day brings a new me one maybe a little less tolerant then the day before, more tired, more smiley, whatever the case maybe we simply never know.
This is a blog that I am now on day 2 or 3 of and this is the cycle of life that problem is I chase things blind and hope for the best, the trouble is weather plays the biggest factor in how things go as well as the magic over night reset that tends to happen. This week has again brought this fatigue and fogginess and as we talk we have been here before last year everything from the isolation, fatigue, aggression, and worse this year memory fuck me this is the worst, oddly enough I had heard this one before to it’s not that I am getting dumber I am not and I was always a smart fucker I wish I was becoming to dumb to understand what is happening to me and lose the ability to help treat myself sadly I am just forgetting first was the good fun memories that I search for all so often, but keeping the shittiest portions of life seeing every failure, short coming, where I let someone down, seemingly anything shitty in life that I can feel worse about it then I likely did at the real time it happened. This is the portion that is the worst and makes me want to fight, drink, isolate, and of course commit suicide because there are times where I am just to overwhelmed in whatever it was i was feeling and yes it’s always ok to remember but sometimes I live there much like i have been forced this last little while since we have been doing 4 season a week for the last month it feels as of late, and although I really do push to reach out it’s just not a thing and becoming less and less of a thing at that why well mainly because I don’t want to have no energy for people which really is oxymoronic since I have been wanting to build a community the angry brain really decides who and what I will be that day and today I am sad and lonely, some of which is my own doing but I don’t think I deserve to be totally isolated from every living being but who am I? Thank you for following along with our crazy little C.T.E Life and have a great day.

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Does The Pounding Ever Stop?

My Head Beats Like A Drum!

Well yesterday proved what we have been hearing for along time it seems and that is the headaches will get worse, and let’s say there was absolutely nothing 8 could do to help yesterday and it felt like one of the most helpless times since I have been fighting this ghost it seems. I used to refer to what happened yesterday as a “Sucker Punch” always feeling as though I was getting punched straight in the brain with no protection, now yesterday was a lot different and much much worse then it ever has been at time my left eyeball felt as though it was being squeezed so much pressure and it used to hit and back off good then smash then fade not yesterday that bastard hit and held at times I was curious if spooning my eye out would help eliminate this pain. Those following along get the pain threshold going up so if I am in pain this is a huge deal since this isn’t ever a thing and hasn’t been for along time as pain doesn’t exist just pussies. That being said I felt as though I was losing my grip on reality by last night I had had enough and hoped when i woke up it was gone and this far it has managed to stay away, and as someone who has suffered severe migraines for as long as I can remember those were nothing to this new bullshit we got going on.

I had heard of someone who suffered this and ended up committing suicide just to get the pain to stop, and I can truly sympathize with them as I know this will only get worse and I have to be prepared to put up or shut up which means bring it the fuck on I’ll take it not that I have a choice but I think in the coming months we will have a few more tools to rely on in our fight against this disease as the first of our grow supplies showed up yesterday we hope again this hope business, although today we are introducing something new as well and that being Lions Mane Tincture.

Annanda Chaga


There is a lot more to what we’re doing then we have gotten around to adding as change and fatigue are playing havoc on me and suffering that whatever that was yesterday and truly it had been building and now the question is are we done or does it hit again this week or next? In either event I have to understand this is how life is going to be, the only question I can’t answer is how much and how long, how much pain can I take and for how long as I’m as tough cunt but even I have a breaking a point and will we get the RSO and Topical made in time or will I get a week or two back to back of yesterday and have enough? Scary question and thought for most, for us it’s the reality of life being overwhelmed, in pain, pissed off at a douche bag, and roll the dice as that will be a better indicator of how things will go then relying on me to make a decent decision. I give the most brutal and up front insights in a disease nobody understands and we do it in a way most couldn’t making us different, sitting outside the box and this is really what hit me this morning with this whole Facebook bullshit is simply because these groups, pages, and people are fake and can’t handle fucking reality, they never out grew high school the same shit talk and Hope’s and dreams at 40 in most cases and yet still doing jack shit but fucking talking, seems hilarious to me since I stopped talking and just did long ago and now the hope is to find those like minded and maybe make a difference as someone else was suffering the same way yesterday and maybe weren’t as lucky as me and didn’t wake up to fight another day so for this I am grateful, and even if my head was no different it’s still a great day when I can again help educate on such a nasty bastard of a disease that makes grown men chicken shit punks, I wasn’t born with a lot of fear and although at times like yesterday I was nervous it wasn’t the disease so much as theme factor what in the name of holy fuck will I do if something hits me out of routine as we see I am struggling hard with it and prone to snapping on people and taking shit the wrong way and quickly, making me feel like a menopausal pregnant woman, no offence but even women agree that’s not a happy thought although a thought even the most neanderthalic man can get as well. Let’s hope today is better for all who take the time to follow us and our crazy lives especially all the new followers we have gained on Twitter and those coming across from the book, I say it all the time, the most valuable asset we as humans have is giving someone the gift of our time so to us that’s worth a million dollars and we hope to continue to grow and spread the word have a great day.



Grape Ape Strain Review.

Grape Ape



Not all growers are created equal this is for sure since this wasn’t the first born second time he have had Grape Ape this was by far the worst rendition of it that we have had, from the opening of the bag the strain was flat not the aromatic explosion I remember from the last stuff we had and this was 20 something more an ounce at $129.00 cdn.


LEAFLY—Grape Ape


The price although not bad was in my view to much the buds were loose and not as firm as they should have been which really could’ve been a difference in the lighting one use LED the other HPS this is a theory of course but then proof is this offering was at best 2.5/5.


WIKILEAF—- Grape Ape


The scent played into the buzz sadly as it to was flat just kind of set me in limbo and truly was not a fan of this version and the last was so good, therefore if we can get seeds it is one that we would absolutely grow ourselves as we have learned it’s not always a strain issue it’s often times a grower issue.


CANNASOS—- Grape Ape


Although disappointed we were happy to have it back again and even though weak once I smoked enough it did put me down some and relaxed exactly what i had been looking for except i didn’t want to smoke as much but that’s life and now we have 2 new strains for next time and i can’t wait for these ones. So remember buy small and try prior to getting a big amount as we have learned over this last couple of years buyer beware and start small. If your looking for a good strain for relaxing and taking it easy then this could be the strain for you. Thank you for following along and let us know your experiences if you’ve been fortunate enough to try this one, have a great day all and live on Twitter at 1pm eastern today.






This Is A Struggle!

Our C.T.E. Life

Well today is the day, no not was, or should’ve been is the day changes in routine became mandatory and there was no backing down this needs to happen and for anyone following along tour seeing changes like a blog mid afternoon and a live in the afternoon but not on the book but Twitter instead. This is a.change that should’ve happened when we came back to be truthful as we had spun own wheels far to long for nothing, that being said its taken alot including sleeping later then 2 or 3am this morning and most don’t see just how fucked up it makes me however when I tell Michelle she’s to in my fucking space in the morning you know I am serious. My brain wasn’t accepting things today the way it needed to and I am feeling it now as my head bangs like a drum and I am as mentally exhausted as I have ever been but I won’t slow down honestly I want to make the most of my days and this involves a fight and it sucks as I even get angry as fuck about it so there is more to process and go through before we can safely say things are different but fight I will as I have done and showing the consequences is key to helping people better understand What we go through and just how hard even doing this are 3pm hasn’t been done with any great consistency nor have lives much past 1030am nor sleeping past 3 which was 430am today, alot of change since last week seen me as exhausted as I have ever been and we may have more rounds of that but I will work hard to make it as easy as possible and I managed to even have a break today in between things to give my brain a rest. The biggest message I can give is the little things most take for granted is an absolute fight for us and seems to take along time to settle into if I ever do.




The decision to leave the book hasn’t sat well either as of yet and I have taken a break really from it for a bit as I change the way I do my day and share more to twitter like the lives today already there seems to be a better following and more activity which is both amazingly great and scary as it seems this is where we should’ve been as we also picked up 40 new followers in a week something we haven’t seen on the book in for ever so thank you all really. This is the year we make a statement this I know and its overwhelming as fuck and has caused me to have my feelings get out of hand so to speak in that I got extra excited about something and it caused me to have my feelings hurt and let and opportunity go but folks need to realize this C.T.E. and me is no joke and keeping emotions in check is impossible at times depending on who and what it is, but if you don’t educate yourself you’ll never know what this shit is all about and I hope none of you ever do however if you think maybe you or someone you know has symptoms email us @ and let’s chat, time to build a network of average and like minded folks. Thank you all for your support both new and old, have a great day all and see you again tomorrow @1pm eastern @OurCTELife1 on Twitter.

The Week It Was.

The Week It Was.


Well this week saw a lot of changes and ones I have been talking about for sometime now and I am done talking it seems. The whole Facebook thing really was more about nostalgia holding onto nothing really as our growth is attained by be honest and truthful something most don’t gice6 two squirts of piss about anymore and rather then go silent and become isolated as I did last year wondering why everyone hated me, this year I don’t give a fuck your lose kiss my ass later bye cunt, I am as scrappy as I have ever been closing the circle yet again based on necessity more then anything, the idea of being apart of a lemming group where the heads are retarded and know nothing of the subject at hand rip and read posts of fake bullshit they would never try and although Twitter can be very similar I don’t need to run in a group have a group give a fuck about what I post as only those that get it know it’s a coin toss in just what the fuck will come out of me as even I am generally one of the last to know as we discovered there is a definite snap point in me as of late and depending who the fuck you are it gets triggered fast and I have picked and won many fights as of late since I bully bullies it’s a piece of cake generally as they’re self serving victims, justifying again our departure from the book in as heavy a capacity as we are with the ultimate goal being monetization on the YouTube channel and website which has been reactivated again and today we will be doing more behind the scenes which to is something we said coming into 2020, now that has been hindered by this unfucking real fatigue that has been beating my ass slowing things down but helping in me deciding where we go this year and how fast it happens again not looking at the folks that support just not sure why folks like a page and join a group to be silent always does nothing to help therefore again no point and we do blame the platform for a lot of it enough on that.
This week saw us utilizing shatter and not really thinking it’s the shit and don’t really get the hype but it was fun while it lasted but won’t become part of our daily lives but we will review it again both from the folks I reviewed as well as our own when we get to that point which after ordering our grow bags this week is a bunch of steps closer to the grow. So for what most don’t see we are doing things on the backside as we again got our affiliate link back with True North Seeds.

True North Seeds.



This week also saw us back with Amazon as we again look to monetize in the most non intrusive way we can, so we will be spending more time going forward on making the site alot more friendly and money making as we picked this year to write and book and this to will be for next week but something that has now also been retailed as I break my Facebook addiction and carry on in a better direction for us as we to have settled on our new logo as I begin to get energy back will be showing and pricing merchandise for Michelle and I to begin with and then for others to purchase as well we have decided to keep things simple this time and will be doing a showing sooner then later once things are finalized and we have a printer. There is no time to lose this year we have a pretty clear game plan and for those truly looking for education you will follow us and get the best possible view you can or you simply won’t and either way is ok as we move forward and are assuredly going to make mistakes but I truly think the biggest mistake we made was wasting more time on a dead platform but it’s never to late so here we go new year new direction and loyalties to those who are loyal and fuck off to the rest another thing that was decided this week as well. We are behind in our exercise stuff again fatigue playing the biggest part in things not getting done so let’s hope tomorrow sees me do a few more things that I need to do and then we can talk about the next step if you will, and we will actually have time to set that plan as well. This year is about us and creating the network we want to see and giving a select few and closer look at us so stay tuned to YouTube and subscribe as that’s the only way to get the full picture as I will be running YouTube only videos as we have already done. Thank you for following along and have a great and lazy Sunday which is what the day was intended for see you all live at 1pm eastern tomorrow @OurCteLife1 on twitter.

Routine Change.


Well here we are insane been chatting a lot as of late in regards to my unhappiness with Facebook and yesterday was it for me, I was to go live at 2 and well no I’m fucking done I gave the book all I could and now it’s time to move the fuck on so they say. Since we began getting this message out the belief was the book is king best way to network and market, well no so much since the majority of people are supposed to be close people and this isn’t the case I have alot of people I don’t know in the book and am thankful for and cherish in my life and then there’s those Chronic group and page joiners that say nothing no interaction ever ok means my shit doesn’t matter on that platform so time to go, and why do I keep saying you ask? This bastard of a thing called routine change see everyday has started to same for me for the last year is wake up check out who’s going to court, who’s dead, and what’s up on the book and slowly.and quietly I have been changing this bit it’s a slow and long process but yesterday was the pivot change you see again I come back to the lives we have watched and the fake, scammers, liars, and cheats that have the highest of followings play the biggest victims and get everything they cry for and the Canadians are the worst and it makes me sick so good bye simple I have to decided to only keep one page open other then my own personal and leave it as a rip and read like so many others being toughted as heros and so smart as they copy and past everyone else’s work, the cool thing is itll mainly be our work we leave on the book but the personal touch is noe gone and if you want to unfollow good bye honestly don’t care anymore people come get what they want and go so go fuck you and fuck off simple, we take care of our shit alone and in our way and will continue to as we are going to do lives in our YouTube channel and do all the video we talked about from seed to grow and beyond just not on the book and see nostalgia has been holding me back and this to stopped after yesterday may sound harsh but how many times have i dropped shit to answer a question do a series on the book for someone and they either don’t fucking watch it or never say a god dam thing to me again about jack shit, so here’s my I’m done at least I am saying that and I will answer things for people as always just in my way now since others way sucks my fat dick and I refuse to do it anymore so follow me or don’t ZERO FUCKS TO GIVE.

The behind the scenes that nobody sees is the disappointment I get when I put everything I have into something and then it hits flat and time and time again shit hit flat on the book, nobody showed for the live, nobody commented, you think this doesn’t fuck with someone’s self esteem especially after losing all those close well guess that matters to no one not now and not fucking ever so again I will do it my fucking way and those wanting to be apart will and those that don’t well fuck you and go fuck yourself see how easy life is? See I also put out this week that we would he closing a page and to come like the other and guess what other then 2 not a fucking soul so either the books drowning our shit again or nobody cares cool us either fuck off as I have decided to only keep 1 open now since it doesn’t matter and if it becomes stale and losing follows like this week I’ll close it to I am done acting like a dancing bear fool we will present our shit in places that benefit us both as a networking and community as well as financially since we won’t beg like fucking losers Cannaman Jesef Monty Frost Joe Hernandez all these fucks that screw and steal from people and have the most amazing following truly would love to have it bit won’t act a fool like them so no more lives on the book no more dancing fool fucking town idiot, just either read the blogs watch the video or don’t I’m over it as I also as I have find myself slipping into the gaming world which is not a place in have ever lived but I will promise you its alot better then this fucking book and other social media world where it’s all made up and people pretending I means Frost is such a lazy fucking loser he can’t even clean his bong, shower, but can cry and get a free trip across the country lmao like fuck off no wonder weed everywhere is frowned upon the dummies and fools highlight and showcase everyone that uses pot, I always say I don’t have much for ego but when I lose to fucking idiots like the three above nowhere else in this world is it happening so I guess I am to smart for the book, to honest, and practice hygiene, this whole rant is hurt feelings sick and tired if being over looked and written off, done having the expectations that someone would actually give a fuck for something other then their own selfish reasons which again we have seen enough of since being together from family to close friends all users and cunts with their own motivations and lies and yes this is a slap to everyone of you CUNTS that I walked away from because at any time over the years I would and did drop shit to help everyone of you and when the show flips and I need someone for a coffee of a call well noone has the time right got it see life and the book one in the same cunts everywhere. I will give you all credit for not saying anything because truth be told if your one of these people to pop off would make me come get you happily to, and maybe i have hurt your pussies enough that your now not reading but out stats tell us otherwise.

The change for me is the hardest and I have always been loyal to a fault but today is a new day this I know since I even finally slept past 2 again this could be a good sign as I don’t feel to bad this morning or it could be a one off, doesn’t matter because going forward today will be the day that changed platforms for us not alot from the book follow only those I think I know in real life the other bunch I don’t know and honestly I think I am confused between twiter and Instagram so easy enough. Thank you all for following along and we hope you will lake the platform change with us as tomorrow i go live for the first time on Twitter and this likely will be my new home from now on and I feel good about it kind of sad almost mourning the book and some of the people but the choice is yours we also have the YouTube channel which thank the 4 of you for following g yes over 300 followers combined and 4 subscribers, it’s a fucking joke percentage wise for those that have never done this saying oh what a cry baby put your balls out like we have and talk to me then other wise fuck off simple. Have a great day all and despite my harsh words for some I appreciate those we do have and look forward to this year being the best and change is needed.


That Useless Feeling Back Again.

That Useless Feeling


The last couple of days have seen my energy level drop out of sight and I have not been as active as I have set out to be, failing if you will and who says you ask my angry shit eating brain that who. See this year is shaping up as the last couple did it starts as it is now every single excuse not to do this, I have nothing to say, no one cares anyway, this is a waste of time, the shit talk goes on and on and the fight to do this currently us a bitch no joke. I want so badly to be “Normal ” again go out, drive to my shitty fucking job I hate so much, eat in a restaurant, have coffee with friends, and whatever else normal fucker’s do these days it’s been so long since I have Normaled if you will that I truly don’t know how anymore and I guess I never realized until now that maybe I need a new normal, well this is nothing new as we have had many new ways of doing things sometimes 5 and 6 a week brain dependent. So what in the fuck am I crying about now you ask? Well nothing just trying to figure out how this time of year fucks me so hard and why humans are such cunts for thinking I am crying like some do, ya I know it’s you suck it dick face and move on. That being said we have an amazing site and such we are attempting to monetize and do some good things with, I have began to network on a different platform and its working much better, seems people in twitter want to hear what I have to say and are participating and the last couple days hasn’t been about anything other then being exhausted mentally fucked again if you will, physically I could go forever but the mental block is killing me to awake to sleep and to tired to stay awake seems like a fucked up place to be doesn’t it, with everything getting on your fucking nerves to the point you just scream literally, and you begin to hate every fucking minute of every fucking day because you are totally and completely fucking useless!



You do good mother fucker’s will say “oh but you blah blah good bullshit” save it its patronizing and ignorant. Since I am not one to need smoke blown up my ass on the regular it’s best to hit things with as much honesty as one can muster, where I come from men not working, napping, and now playing fucking video games, dosen’t equate to much of a man and in times like this when we just left a deep freeze and now it’s raining buckets I am in the perfect position to wind up exactly where I was in just a few short months now a year ago, if that makes sense feeling alone and crazy, lack of sleep coupled with shit weather lead me to a place I almost never came back from and sadly I feel as powerless this year as I did last, just sitting and watching life go and not a fucking thing I can or will do, this morning found me playing my game prior to doing this blog something very unusual as in never happens well does now I guess. The question is where does this one end, in the kitchen soaked in blood knife in my hand not entirely sure what in the fuck just happened seeing right to the bone and for the non believers and yes I know you dirty little fucks are there ask Michelle she was an unwitting witness to the whole event as it unfolded this is not a scene I wish to have play put again and have been trying to make every possible change we can, now the question begs is this just the way it has to be? This is unacceptable to me and how and what I have to do in order for this to not happen again is a mystery at this point however this doesn’t mean I am going to quit it just means the fight just got harder, and for all those well 2 or 3 that do read this don’t give me the status quo bullshit of I am here if you need well “here’s your sign” like the stupidest fucking statement ever i am to busy to talk in the interim but hey in an emergency call me? Nah fuck you we got it no worries, this is why I said well not the only reason but one main one I said good bye to every single fuck gave that said that fake ass fronting mother fucker your attitude kills.



This whole ego thing generally doesn’t play a factor in my life as I am nothing special you will hear me say it a lot but this time of year for whatever reason is the worst, I mean unsettled weather has been an issue but this specific time of year it seems, keeping in mind I am in Canada and it’s supposed to be winter but no one has told it that yet. The biggest question of all being how do we survive well fight is my only answer and sadly the fight can’t always take place publicly because other then talking here I keep shit quiet maybe could explain the new found enjoyment of video games, I go in do my thing don’t speak to anyone but am still apart of society but not really and this may just be it as I feel no one wants to hear what I have to say anyway so why the fuck bother and this was a point I was trying to get across on my last live it’s not about the numbers until now, when we work out asses off on what we think is good content and no one shows up most don’t get how much that fucks someone up in this condition and I can’t dress enough the disappointment is HUGE AND LIFE THREATENING and to whom you ask me of course it’s like being kicked while I am down. Today marks my attempt at afternoon lives as I said I would but make no mistake if no body shows it’ll be done as fast as it started and the last its simple, as we watch all the cry baby fucking losers out there getting half pounds of weed given to them and trips across the country for being a fucking cry baby suck ass mother fucker where the more they cry the more they get why does this bother me you ask?? Well a sponsor of weed and trip for education as opposed to fucking stupidity makes sense but I can’t even get a consistent audience anymore maybe because I am to real and the babies out number the real either way I have shit to do that doesn’t include feeling less then those cunts this is a certainty! So let’s see what happens I have ZERO expectations and am not planning to be on long so prove me wrong, oh wait I have been leaving messages for folks reading and well this far not a fucking soul has said a word means those around me again aren’t reading and this is cool just makes me again not want people around. Today will see me more active I have to be it’s just where will it be is the question. I say it a lot I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone in this world some of what i go through is self inflicted the isolation being the first thing i do when it’s tough since I have always handled my own business but this time I have to reach out so that is the basis of this I guess since i even stopped saying hello to people because they have better shit to do in the run of a day then answer me after all, right, wrong, or otherwise this is a glimpse inside the useless feeling I have and no amount of words will help in fact the opposite as then I feel I am letting others down failing else where see what a fucking crazy world my brain throws us into? Thank you all for following along and have a great day.


Being Tired Gets Old!

Being Tired Gets Old!


Today again finds me struggling like a maniac to stay awake and get shit accomplished and not being one to lay blame I feel as fucked up as mother nature current moment in that sleep doesn’t exist happy, sad, and want to box the jesus out of someone all in one thought. Although being tired is nothing new to me or anyone else this is unlike any form of exhaustion I have ever in my life felt, wanting to do so much and yet getting jack shit done and even as I stand here writing this, yes standing so I stay focused and awake because I most certainly wasn’t happy with only 1 blog done and nothing else on the site or platforms basically the entire day, this can not continue therefore as we discussed this morning something needs to change.
The question we have been throwing around for a solid year is me switching to a night schedule and how and the exact this is to be determined as it appears about 7 to 8 I begin to wake up now after being up since 230 or 3 am its impossible to carry on this would make the blogs and videos available for most first thing in the morning or however it panned out the bonus would hopefully sleeping once I do lay down and getting restful sleep of course this is the hope. The reality is it could get worse as opposed to better I could withdraw more then I currently do making life a lot more like what we don’t want then what we do, I could be overreacting as well since we did notice fatigue was a huge factor on the uptake last time which could make the most sense but me being the skeptic I am I can’t and won’t trust a theory and keep looking into things as they have become patterns none of which are easy to change and some at this point may never be changed.



The moral of the story folks is life is tough this week and as much as I try and push through and talk with folks and trust me those I have been speaking and interacting with on Twitter I have been far more outspoken there then the book in the past while since it’s so dead and very few interact with us on the book anymore truthfully we have talked of packing it all in and writing books and leaving the personal side of things out of it all together but how does that really help? I mean after all then I am no better then these hypocritical assholes I call out all the time make it big and forget hypocrites for which I won’t be called.



This year is challenging us already in accomplishing what we set out to do but I’ll be god dammed if I will let another year passed with me getting my ass kicked every fucking day, there is something different and I going to find it and sadly I am seeing more and more of a gaming future for me since it’s the type of place I can go and interactingly hide not the ideal but for whatever reason no expectations is the key after all isn’t it? Those that have followed us for awhile know I have been here many times and this is neither the best nor worst and we always manage to workout of it and once the weather settles things as always will in my angry brain. Thank you all for following along and I hope your day is a lot more energetic then mine, however if not then do whatever self care you need to apart from whining its gets nobody anywhere and although I can be a hypocrite here sometimes this time I know I do have folks I need to push hard and talk to today as we have been speaking already and I will be back very shortly thank you for hanging in with me. Have a great day all and don’t forget we are still looking for fighter’s pros and ammys let us know and there is more to come today.



Bubba Kush Shatter By Factory 710!

Bubba Kush Shatter


Well it has been well over a year since the last time we tried shatter and this stuff was much better then last year, all I ever got was a headache from any of the stuff we tried last year and although smoking more in some cases this time would’ve lead to the same headache I did enjoy this a little more. Shatter isn’t something we plan on making a fulltime part of what we do however to have some fun once in a while never hurts anyone does it?



Sampling this was awhile in the making and as I said well worth it and this product itself didn’t look much like shatter either more a rosin type substance gummy and sticky not shattery as I would have expected but looks aren’t everything and it is a hard hitter and a good bang for the buck so to speak, my preference will remain with flower and RSO but for those utilizing shatter good on you.



. This time was supposed to be the first time we used a banger but as you seen I broke it the day it came just my luck and Murphy’s bullshit law, but make no mistake we will be reviewing another one sooner then later this time in a banger to isolate it and get a really good mark of it. Shatter for fun or for what ails you really let’s the terpenes out and Pinene was the most prevalent in the Bubba so who knows pain and inflammation maybe helped just not for us. Thank you all and have a great day this gram was 25 also to much for the regular but nice for some fun have a great day and try some it’s fun they say.



Waking Up Hungover!

The thoughts of waking up hungover makes most feel sick before they can even read on they’re like no fucking thank you not for me and although I don’t always have the I need greasy food and a good shit feeling but the deep rooted headache never seems to quit and when it does it’s a day filled with sucker punches in my brain. This symptom is one I have heard of from many people who are no longer here as they couldn’t handle it anymore and what is it we can do about, sweet fuck all is what I am finding how that sit with you? The first 15 or 20 times I heard this was awhile ago I want to say ten years and who knows at this point maybe it was I am unsure anymore, point being I always figured weed could kill any headache and this simply isn’t true as not all headaches are created equal and as someone who suffer migraines almost my entire life I know my headaches and these ones I currently experience make migraines look easy and yes I used to throw up so this is significant to say the least and what’s more is I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a migraine but my heads smashing this morning deep inside it feels though and hard to explain until you get it and then you really get it sadly. When I was younger I avoided hangovers by simply staying drunk, now I avoid alcohol at all costs since a normal days headache is enough for anyone.

This mornings blog is brought to you by just such a day and it truly doesn’t matter how I sleep the result is the same and it centers or so it feels right over the top of the brain stem and nothing seems to dull it, so this of course makes me a little extra grumpy and for good god dam reason to but this is no excuse my own advice needs followed either shut up and go to bed or suck it the fuck up and do what needs doing so here I am never one to sit down and take things easy in fact things may pick up today since I am telling this disease to kiss my ass and fighting, I feel pretty tough now but trust me I generally pay for it sooner or later and will let you know when the piper needs paid as my attitude will suck worse then normal. Through the memories on Facebook which seems to be the best use of it these days runs me a great comparison to last year and let’s say today’s not as bad but I do have all the same things headache and tired seems odd doesn’t it as when I wake up I already feel a certain way but to read a year ago was the same and better yet to see the video which I still have is crazy how is this even possible well this is life and has been for along time probably longer than even I know. I truly hate looking back but this year really is better then last I can’t complain as I have already talked with another human being today this is huge and so new I am still freaked out that people actually talk to me on Twitter and via email seems sad for 2 years the only was I get a message from anyone other then Michelle and her mom is if I reach out first but someone said it to me first today wow for some you don’t this part and I will continue this portion later as it’s not part of this. The hope going forward is with the microdosing back we will see less and less of these after the month and a half mark we will say as again I didn’t change the dose as I think it set in perfectly last time and don’t want to rush things and make mistakes this time since we are trying to show that it works but only if used in conjunction with an entire regiment of things and these things only need work for YOU not me or anyone else and what we do for the most part works and I say most since nothing is 100% ever but this way keeps me more sane then any other and although not fully working out yet we are slowly getting there as well another way I believe to keep these hangovers away this is the hope anyway, since no one else shares shit or does but is a cunt it makes it terribly hard to know if I am alone or not and this is only so I stop saying I am the only one but I am hoping what we are doing will lead the way for others to join and share in what we are doing so then we can get many more perspectives since it’s needed for a disease with no diagnosis and no cure and where the more money you have dictates who will and won’t help for us we want to help all struggling with symptoms of this disease no matter how much money you have. Thank you all for following and have a great day, I will be busy again today stop and say hello on one of our platforms and let me know you read the blog.

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